March and Rally Agenda

June 1st Knoiw Your Rights workshop

June 1st Workshop day

Workshops at Gender Justice
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June 1st Workshop Day

12:00 am

Know Your Rights Workshop (by the Hosts)

- Know your rights info

1:00 pm

Political Outreach Workshop (by Rep. Elizabeth Edwards)

- Political Outreach info

June 2nd March

June 2nd March and Rally

9:00am gathering
10:00am march
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March route

June 2nd Rally

June 2nd Afterparty

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June 2nd Afterparty

00:00 pm

location pending

Meet the Organizers

Madeline pic


Madeline [she/hers] is a sex worker and activist whose advocacy work began with lobbying against Prop 60 and AB1576 in California for the porn industry. She’s a powerhouse networker and advocate for full decriminalization of prostitution.

ana pic


ana [she/hers] is an anti-capitalist community organizer and advocate for the full decriminalization of prostitution.

Rebel pic


Rebel [she/hers] is a tech savy prostitute who uses her skills to provide safety tools for sex workers while advocating and fighting for decriminalizing prostitution.

Meet the Speakers

Elizabeth pic

Rep. Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards [she/hers] is serving her second term in the NH State House and was the first U.S. elected official to submit a bill that would fully decriminalize adult sex work. She has also worked on legislation improving NH's medical cannabis laws, increasing access to Narcan, and legalizing needle exchanges. She lives in the city of Manchester with her wife of 4 years, Caitlin.

Valentina pic

Valentina Mia

Valentina Mia (she/hers) is a transgender pornstar and advocate for queers, racial and ethnic minorities, and sex workers. In 2017, as one of the Field Organizers for Equality Texas, she helped kill the Texas “Bathroom Bill” (SB6).

Jane pic

Jane Way

Jane Way [they/he] is a 23 year old queer genderfluid porn star and hooker working to achieve sex work labour rights and visibility for people living with disabilities. They are active with harm reduction initiatives and outreach for LGBTQ youth with addiction issues.

Amber pic

Amber Batts

Amber Batts [she/hers] is a criminalized sex worker turned activist. In 2014 she was charged with 8 counts of Sex Trafficking due to increased efforts of criminalizing sex workers that work together for safety and screening. Her advocacy work began before her release, writing about the effects of criminalization while she was still incarcerated. She continues to write about the criminalization of sex workers and is an advocate that works towards full decriminalization of prostitution.

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